My Images

Images have always been at the very core of my being. While others may be sensitive to sound, or observe movement, or imagine scenarios, I, first and foremost, look, see the light, compose an image. And it pleases me to seize those fleeting moments and transform them into images that transcend time.

For me, photography is a sensory and sensuous experience. Thus, more than anything else, my images are, experientials correspondences or, as Steiglitz said, equivalences. While, for some, images are messages, testimonies, documentation, etc. and that for others it is part of an intellectual, philosophical and/or sociological approach, my images are an expression of my sensuality, my sensibility, my poetic world.

To this end, I favour differents means: black and white for the past twenty year and now color for the past three years;  infrared films; soft focus lens; negative printing; etc. For me, these means are propitious to the expression of my impressions on a place, on that day, at that moment. 

And above all, as my prefered photographic object, light, always light.


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